5 Fun Dating Ideas for Couples

Fun Dating Ideas

No matter where you go or whatever you do, being together with your partner is enough to make both of you feel happy. You have probably gotten used to your typical date nights, late-night drives, or Netflix movie marathons. But if you are feeling somewhat adventurous and fun today, try to enjoy some time with your partner by doing something that you haven’t done before. Nothing popping up in your mind? Don’t worry, we will help you come up with one! Here are some dating ideas for couples like you to try:

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Scavenger hunting

If you’re looking for a unique and adventure-filled date, go on a scavenger hunt with your partner. It can be a one-on-one battle with your partner or let your other friends join in the fun so you can partner up with your lover.

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A destination trip decided by dice

Pack your things and get in the car quickly then go on a road trip! Have a number represented your destinations and the things you want to do on a trip and roll the dice! It’s fun venturing to the unknown when you’re dating. A trip to the beach? You better have a swimsuit ready!

Make an artwork together

If you are into art or your partner is, create artwork together! It can be a painting, a sculpture or even a song! This will bring you even closer together as you learn your partner’s preferences. Once you’re done, you can display it in your living room or dance to the song you made.

Have a cooking show-off

If you’re looking for a date that is fun and does not require you to spend a lot of money, then a cooking show off is perfect for you. Figure out which is the better cook between you and your partner by having a cooking competition. You can host a dinner party afterwards with the dishes you made.

Create a time capsule

Nothing fancy, but it is a heartwarming idea. If you happen to be having a Netflix movie date in one of your homes, pause that movie first and create a time capsule together! You can write all your future goals for yourself, and both of you, and bury it in your backyard. This will open up a conversation of your future together. Decide when to open your time capsule yourself!


Dating is fun especially when you’re doing it right. Enough with the usual dating style. We listed five fun dating ideas for couples for people who want to spice up their dating life. The five ideas mentioned above are just some of the unique and fun ideas you can try with your partner. In the end of the day, although dating can make your relationship fun, it still comes down to the both of you to make your commitment to each other last.

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