After Reading These Dating Stories, You Will Probably Want To Erase Tinder

Baring in mind that dating is some form of courtship, it requires that the two souls should link up together. If not, there will be some disparities and misunderstandings. In any case, regardless of the compatibility, some dates are unforgettable, be it for good reasons or bad ones, VERY bad ones…

The Guy Who Was Next-Level Creepy

According to Meaghan, online dating was never her thing until she met some guy on a particular dating site, and they decided to go out on a date. After few dates, she decided to quit but there is one particular date that she remembers vividly because of how terrible it was.

It was a date with some guy she met on Tinder. First, he showed up unfashionably late (half an hour!). It was a first date but the guy was all over talking about his anti-sex Catholic upbringing, his desire for a homemaking wife, and all the other crap.

Moreover, after this terrible date, he went ahead and looked for a job in the same company as Meaghan. Who does that? Likely or unlikely, he secured a position, and this made her even more uncomfortable. Thank God, he was later fired for harassing a client.

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