The Beginner’s Guide to Sky Football Bet

Sky football bet

Super 6 allows bettors to take a chance of predicting accurate results of matches. Sky Sports, in collaboration with Sky Football Bet, are responsible for making this opportunity come in place. Bettors need to predict correct scores in six matches throughout the season rightly. If accurate, a whopping $250,000 will visit the pockets of the winner.

In-depth Talks into Sky Football Bet and predictions

Aside from deciding correct scores for matches, there’s a must for a “Golden Goal” guessing. Here, you need to identify when the first goal will come in during the first match. That done either impact the chances of getting a jackpot to your advantage or not.

Before proceeding, know what to expect in this guide because they are surrounding factors of the Sky bet predictions. Nevertheless, they will come into view accordingly.

Signing up For The Super 6

To register for this game betting, visit Sky Bet’s official website and create an account. After doing that, place a minimum bet of $10 on whichever sports event available. The games can vary from football to horse races and other sports.

Newly registered members get free bets in £40, and they can use it in any market. The reward for depositing £10 reaches your account immediately after putting the minimum fee.

Another benefit is opting for the Sky Bet club offer. It assigns £5 for every £25 spent in the week, and it works on any market.

How Much Does It Cost?

The super six is entirely free and requires just your signing. With that, you can wait for the next super 6, and join the game. 

When Next Is The Super 6 Going to Take Place

The Super Six is made available on weekends, and occasionally during the midweek. Seemingly high, but the best fix depends on the number of matches. In the long run, most people don’t understand how it works. Hence, they get confused or have no idea when bets begin. Well, it starts on the first weekend of the football league season. On a bright note, it begins in August, finishing in May.

By submitting your predictions, Sky Bet approaches you with the “Put your money where your mouth is” technique. Upon that, you can place bets on predicted outcomes. It shows the return you would receive if your stakes were correct from a £10 stake. That alone acts as a backbone to predicted bets. The exciting part of this bet is the jackpot, and it comes often. If there’s no jackpot-winning, Sky Bet still offers a winning prize of £5,000 to the highest scoring player.

It is no big deal to partake in the bet, as predicted score yields points. While a correct score gotten right is two points, the scoreline prediction offers a whopping five points.

Conclusion on Sky Football Bet

Sky Football Bet is an excellent way to earn cash prizes from predicting accurate scores. The prediction platform offers the Super 6, which often starts at the beginning of the season. Again, though, predictions occur weekly. Interestingly enough, the cash prizes are somewhat satisfying.

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